Steps to a Scuba Diving Certfication

Steps to a Scuba Diving Certfication

PADI | Open Water Certifcation

Open Diving Course

An open water certification is your first step to becoming a scuba diver. Over three full days of hands-on learning, you will be run through a series of skills and tests. Upon completion, you and another certified buddy are allowed to dive within recreational limits at your own leisure without the supervision of an instructor or Divemaster. This past weekend, we certified three new divers – Mike, Tim and Laura – over a three days of nothing but fun in the sun.


Day 1 | Air Management

Breakers Diving

On Friday, we met our divers at Phil Foster Park on Singer Island just north of West Palm Beach. We started with a couple of icebreaker games before learning all about our gear and equipment. After a briefing, we geared up for the first time and got in the water to practice skills like mask clears, regulator recovery and air depletion situations. Our students completed each skill like rock stars. You would’ve thought they had done this before.


Day 2 | Friends and Bridge Jumps

Bridge Jump

Saturday brought even more divers as Laura’s husband Alex and Tim’s girlfriend Ally – both certified divers – came along for support. All our divers assembled and disassembled their own gear, helping each other if any help was needed, before getting back in the water to once again practice and wow us with more skill mastery. They got their first real taste of diving as we kicked around the Blue Heron Bridge, where the diving is pretty outstanding. Octopus, barracuda, nudibranchs and a gold spotted eel were spotted among the assortment of tropical reef fish. After such a good dive there was only one thing left to do – a group jump off the bridge.


Day 3 | Diving at Breakers Resort

Loggerhead Turtle

Sunday couldn’t have been a more perfect day. The sun was out in full-force as we headed out on flat seas to dive sites right off the coast of the beautiful West Palm Beach landmark – The Breaker’s resort. We all jumped in for the two open water dives where everything that had been learned and practiced came together. A light current pushed us effortlessly along top the reef. We stopped for a photo op with a big ole’ loggerhead sea turtle and sat still on the sand to see the garden eels come up to play. Back on land, the final exam proved to be no challenge for our students. Only thing left to do was sign a paper of two and take salty head shots of PADI’s newest open water divers for their certification cards. Does this sound like you? Ready to learn that new lifelong skill? Give us a call 1-855-YOU-DIVE and cross learning to scuba dive off your bucket list. Congratulations to Mike, Laura and Tim on their open water certifications! We look forward to diving with you again.