Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge

Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge

Blue Heron Bridge Diving

What is The Blue Heron Bridge?

There are plenty of blogs from this The Blue Heron Bridge dive site, but not any from Paradise Below Diving. This is one of the sites we love to use for dives 1 and 2 of the open water portion for scuba diving certifications in West Palm Beach. This is also a great location to observe underwater life behavior, such as feeding, hunting, and mating behaviors. Also, our students love to try to find all the hidden sea life because they adapt and camouflage very well with their surroundings.

Diving Tropical FishThe Day of the Dive

The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms in the area with winds at 19 MPH, but that was no going to stop me from getting into the water today. The visibility was around 20 feet, so we decided to get some close up photographs. The dive started out in 5 feet of water where we came upon a school of Great Barracudas on the hunt and soon completely surrounded by Big Eye Jacks passing by. This was just the beginning of some of the beautiful sea life the Blue Heron had to offer today. We saw many extravagant tropicals, hidden Banded Coral Shrimp, crab, and lobsters and multiple unique sea creatures such as Searobin, Gobies and Jawfish and much more. After 90 minutes of dive time, we were not disappointed.
Blue Heron Bridge Map

Where is The Blue Heron Bridge?

The Blue Heron Bridge is part of the Phil Foster Park connecting Singer Island, FL to Palm Beach County mainland. PADI’s sports diver magazine named The Blue Heron Bridge one of the best dive sites in the world in 2013.

Why was The Blue Heron Bridge named “Best Dive Sites 2013”?

Diving Blue Heron Bridge Fish
The Blue Heron Bridge provides a wide diversity of life, culminating in the perfect place to dive in South Florida. Amongst the fish, coral, and birds, open water divers dive deep into the underwater realm of shipwrecks, marine life, and other divers. Due to the diversity of life, The Blue Heron Bridge has proven to be a must dive place in Florida.

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