Benefits of swimming effect on the development of the body

Swimming is a means to train the body to adapt to the changes in the external climate, thus preventing colds.

People also use swimming to cure a number of physical diseases such as hunchbacked, curved “C” forward and backward of children. In addition, the joint stiffness caused by broken bones, swimming is also an effective means of curing.

Swimming practice has a great effect on the development of the central nervous system, making the vestibular system well developed.

Swimming practice has a great influence on the development of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Those who practice swimming often have their heart contractions stronger than normal people, their heart rate increases, so their heartbeat rate at quietness is only 60 to 46 times/minute. Blood flow in a minute can increase from 4.5 liters at normal to 35-40 liters during exercise.

Swimming is also beneficial for developing the ability of the respiratory system to work, because when swimming the athlete breathes in the rhythm of the hand movements, each swimming cycle takes one exhalation and one inhale. Swimming can consume a lot of energy, so the demand for oxygen is huge. Therefore swimmers have to breathe deeply. On the other hand, the pressure of water into the chest, when exhaled, must be strong and positive. So the athlete’s respiratory muscles are very developed, their living capacity is very large (from 6-7 liters), while the living capacity of non-swimmers is 3.4 liters (of men) and 2.4 liters (for women). Young swimmers of our country after 2 years of swimming practice, the living capacity reaches 4.5 liters (for men) and 3.8 liters (for women).

Swimming practice also has the effect of comprehensive physical development such as strength, strength, endurance, flexibility, dexterity and ability to coordinate movement. Swimming itself is a sport that develops fully. Participating in swimming practice not only creates a habit of domestic activities but also to develop a balanced body.

Swimming is a sport of great practical significance in the production and combat life of our people. Due to the mobility requirements on the battlefield, due to the requirements of infrastructure construction, transportation network, the requirement of improving productivity, bringing science and technology into the field of agriculture, forestry, etc. Each of our people lives in a tropical country, surrounded by rivers and lakes, especially extremely harsh nature, every year, storms and floods often occur that require swimming.

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Chinese swimmers are boycotted in Australia

Many famous Australian fishermen have simultaneously called for not to practice with Chinese ones, because of the ambiguity in doping testing and condescending behavior.

Many famous Australian fishermen have simultaneously called for not to practice with Chinese ones, because of the ambiguity in doping testing and condescending behavior. Reportedly, the Chinese swimming team is currently training in Australia for the 2016 Olympic Games, but was immediately boycotted.

The incident just happened over the weekend, when fisherman Thomas Fraser-Holmes – champion at the Commonwealth Games – was practicing when he got out of the pool angrily, because of a group of Chinese athletes requires sharing the pool to practice.

Fraser-Holmes told The Daily Telegraph (Australia): “I have no intention of opposing or attacking one of them (Chinese swimmers). But the demanding way as if the pool is their cause very uncomfortable. Moreover, Chinese athletes often learn to sneak or track our strengths and weaknesses. So it’s best to just train with my teammates instead of the curious athletes”.

Meanwhile, another well-known Australian fisherman, Grant Hackett, also interviewed The Daily Telegraph, expressing doubts about the transparency of Chinese swimmers. He said that many Australian swimmers were bored with the Chinese athletes.

Hackett also said that he has witnessed over the past 18 months that Chinese athletes only test doping once, while Australian or other Australian athletes check it regularly every 4 weeks.

Because of this, China’s most famous abalone is Sun Yang – who was fiercely criticized for his ugly behavior at last year’s world swimming championships (stumbling upon the female swimmer. Brazil, Larissa Oliveira falls when using a pool to boot), was recommended by the Australian Swimming Federation to stop training in Australia for fear of leaving a bad image. Sun Yang’s coach, Denis Cotterell, also cut off contact with the ugly athlete. However, Sun Yang still tried to stay in Australia to train with coach Brian King, who used to be Cotterell’s assistant at the Miami swimming club.

There are about 100 Chinese swimmers practicing in Australia, including some famous athletes such as the fishwoman Ye Shiwen or Ning Zetao. However, with the current opposition, Chinese athletes may have to find new training places.

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American swimming legend Michael Phelps swims with white sharks

Recently, in a challenging race off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, former swimmer Michael Phelps lost to the white shark only 2 seconds.

The race between Michael Phelps, a 32-year-old former athlete who holds the record for most Olympic medals of all time and has the nickname “Super Fish”, with dangerous white sharks within 100 meters of the TV channel. Discovery organization. This is part of the channel’s “Shark Week”, which aired on July 23. Race to find out the shark’s swimming speed limit.

Phelps, when competing, are equipped with a special swim suit, designed with the most modern technology available today, structured like a shark’s skin and a propeller modeled like a shark’s tail to increase speed. For safety reasons, Phelps and the white shark competed one after the other, then the image was processed to make it look like a real race between humans and animals.

However, although Phelps has significantly improved the swimming speed thanks to advanced technology suits, from an average of 2.6 m/sec to about 4 m/sec, it is still not possible to compete when white sharks have swimming speed. Maximum measured up to 11.1 metres per sec. Phelps only played on par with the white shark at the starting point, in the last 30 m, he was completely competitor. After 100 meters of competition, Phelps reached a record of 38.1 seconds, while the white shark was 36.1 seconds.

Phelps asked to race in warm, less windy and more similar conditions instead of at sea, and swim in turn for safety reasons. Discovery Channel plans to host another race as required by Phelps. “I am overwhelmed by the speed of swimming of the shark in the water as well as its size”, said Phelps. However, if swimming in warmer waters, I think I will improve the maximum speed from 4 m/sec to about 6 – 7 m/sec. With this condition, the shark may not reach the speed it is at sea and I may have a chance of winning it”.

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Discover water sports in Pattaya for you to try

As you know, Pattaya is a paradise for water sports when traveling to Thailand. If you are going to participate in these sports, you should remember some of the following pocketbooks, to help you have moments of safe, fun entertainment.

1. Scuba diving

Follow everything the instructor has told you. Do not dive in swirling waters. There are several beach courses in Pattaya, lasting from 1 to 4 days, depending on your requirements and the type of scuba diving you want. Islands far from the coast are usually quieter, but you should not surf on speedboats near the coast of Pattaya.

2. Swimming

Follow the basic rules, like not swimming in rough, remote seas, it is best to swim in areas where the coast rescue force.

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3. Fishing

You can fish at local fishing parks with all kinds of fish. Some fishing parks will charge a fee based on the number of kilos of fish you catch, if you want to bring booty back. To catch big fish, you have to go to the Mekong. These fishing programs are organized by many travel companies.

4. Parachute pull

Must follow all instructions whether you are new to the game or proficient. Do not play this sport when it is windy, so your tugboat may tip over the sea. Safety is the deciding factor for you to play this sport. If you are a first time player, or accompanied by experienced players, guides.

5. Water skiing

The best water skiing is the windsurfing area near Sukhumvit, this is a place for beginners to practice this sport.

6. Windsurfing

October to June is the best time for windsurfing. You can take part in competitions taking place here organized by Pattaya Windsurfing Club.

7. Sailing

Do not sail on windy days, very dangerous. Most sails are small boats. Make sure you have control of these sad boats when you leave the beach.

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3 reasons why you always lose when betting on football

There are many people who participate in soccer betting regularly but the chances of winning the bed are very few or even no chance of winning, after so many times they need to find the answer to the question “Why are betting on football always lose?”.

Bet on unqualified odds

In online football betting, there are popular rates such as Asian handicap, European rate, and less popular ones such as yellow card, corner contract, vibration contract… This ratio can be used to bet on a variety of sports at most bookmakers. All losing players are essentially the option to bet on rafters with no experience at all, they defy the attractiveness of the odds and hit a sport that is unfamiliar to them.


Many people disagree with these views because they believe that sports betting depends on luck without knowing that it is the house that can adjust the results, they are the ones who make the rules and can change them to balance with trading activities in the market.

Believe in luck

Most brothers who bet or play related games like lottery believe in their luck when choosing a number, or a ratio. In fact, all bookmakers make their own rules, requirements, regulations, or even the winning and losing ratio for each account. This means that the player’s experience will decide to 99% and the remaining 1% depends on the luck of the bet, not even 1%. Learn how to play soccer betting right away to accumulate your betting experience.

When you bet intuitively, visually, you have everything against you. You do not follow any method or system, any recommendations, do not place bets as a result of a thorough analysis of the game in question. You simply gamble with your heart, without any basis, and this will result in a loss of your stake.


If you have led yourself into the best betting market you should have the best option for you, luck will certainly not help you in the fight at every house.

Refuse to integrate into the modern era

If you do not keep up to date with the news, do not want to immerse yourself in the modern technology world today, do not ask why you always bet on football. At the bookmakers offering betting information, their odds are all from the soccer experts, but there will be times when they can’t analyze very closely, so no one can assert them. 100% right.

Players who bet not wanting to be passive must regularly update the news of the team, update the news related to the match they have bet.

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Some general rules when participating in swimming tournaments

The general rules of swimming apply in tournaments for all types of swimming, apply to swimming on natural water, mature swimming, artistic swimming,… of the FINA specified.

These are all important rules that require the athletes’ compliance in order for the competition to be effective and quality.

Eligibility to join swimmers

Participation of the first swimmers is the competition not a career or main job that person depends on the financial to live. All athletes who have the right to compete must be registered and managed by their National League. The national federations of athletes are responsible for managing and controlling the athletes’ activities and finances.

Swimming rules with foreign active athletes

Swimmers who compete in foreign tournaments must be members of the Union members or clubs of the Union members, applicable to referees, officials, coaches,…

All foreign competitions and all athletes participating in the contest must be approved by the respective Union members.

The rules of the Union members who organize the contest will be used when there are cases of controversy. During the Olympic Games, World Championships and competitions organized by FINA, the law will apply according to FINA.

Right to participate in swimming tournaments

Any athlete can join the club at his or her own but is allowed to represent only one club. Athletes who change their temporary or permanent residence in another country may join the respective Union’s membership club in the new country.

Right to withdraw from the competition of swimming tournaments

In swimming competitions, except for water polo, athletes who do not want to compete will have to ask for withdrawal within 30 minutes before starting to qualify.

In the case of artistic swimming or diving, if an athlete is disqualified for any reason, the athlete’s rank will be relegated to those in the following ranking. If the cancellation of this achievement occurs after the award, the athlete will be withdrawn and transferred to the appropriate athlete as above.

In particular, with the competition organized by FINA, the team registered but withdrew from the competition in less than 2 months will be fined 6,000 Swiss Franc.

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7 favorite water sports you should try

Playing water sports is one of the most favorite recreational activities when spending time on vacation on the yacht.

If you like to dive, make sure you will not be able to refuse diving with the snorkel in the ocean, watching the coral reefs and colorful fish swimming around you. If you are a fan of dramatic sports, jet ski or Jet Ski is the game you want to try. Let’s take a look at a list of sports that can be enjoyed when sailing through the following article.

1. Jet Ski

Jet ski is an interesting sport for those who love yachts in particular and water sports in general. In particular, jet ski only fun when playing from two or more.

To save space for a flybridge-type individual yacht, you can bring stand-up jet ki (jetski) to the pool base of the boat 1 stern and the upper deck of the boat 1. For speed enthusiasts, driving Jet Ski is considered an exciting activity that needs to be tried at least once in a lifetime. Sitting on a boat and surfing on the veranda in a place where only your companion, with clouds of water while the wind is playing with your hair is more interesting, safe and legal than racing on land many times.

2. Water skiing

Water skiing is a favorite sport all over the world. In this course, you will stand on a skateboard (like skiing) and be dragged across the water by a yacht. There are a few tips to keep in mind when you play on the water slide: always stand with your knees bent, keep your arms bent and let the boat pull you forward, lean backward to keep gravity, breathe rhythmically as usual (many people) tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports). Finally, you can try to turn aside gently when you are familiar with the traction and keep a good balance.

3. Wakeboarding

This is a sport where you will stand on a skateboard called wakeboard and be dragged along the surface by the yacht. Wakeboard usually has a small and narrow rectangle, with a pair of shoes fixed on the board. This sport is extremely easy to play, does not require too much effort. Just a few simple techniques, anyone can play. In particular, like jet ski, wakeboarding is a sport that cannot be played alone. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family into the water to have fun and talk to be more connected. If you like watching sports, wakeboarding is also an international championship competition like the Supra Pro Tour that you can watch.

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5 water sports helping lose weight fast you should try

Aquatic exercise is a great exercise for your muscles as well as for supplementing and regulating your breathing and can help you lose weight quickly.

Unless our body is blessed with a great delivery, the rest of us have to run the battle of maintaining weight or losing weight. You may not be able or interested in the exercises on the ground, you can refer to a number of water sports to help you lose weight quickly following. Exercise in the water is extremely good for you. You will not need to put in more effort but you will still have a great time after practicing underwater.

Aquatic exercise is a great exercise for your muscles as well as for supplementing and regulating your breathing. If you need to lose weight quickly, water sports will help you.

1. Surfing

Surfing can be a very intensive and good sport like other sports. When it comes to surfing, you will have to work hard, concentrate and master your time. Most parts of the body must be involved in the training process: hands, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles. It combines a whole-body exercise and cardio exercise. In addition to playing this sport also helps you train your dexterity and strong mastery of the waves.

2. Water skiing

Water skiing and surfing include balance and most water sports require squatting. You will also have to contraction belly often. This is a great exercise for your abs and thighs. Not only does it burn calories faster, but it also makes your legs slimmer and firmer. With water skiing, your legs, as well as your hands, will have a dramatic change after only a short time of training.

3. Jump Zumba underwater

Water Zumba is not an art sport, but can you imagine the calories you will burn when you do the Zumba underwater exercises? You only need to spend half the time practicing in the water but you will get double results. Your body has to fight constantly against the pressure of water and this makes your muscles work harder, burning fat faster.

4. Swimming

If you can consider yourself as a swimmer, try to swim as far as possible and as many laps as possible. If you’re new to this sport, try to swim close to the pool and rest when necessary. Take gradual steps to avoid cramps or pool hazards. Swimming is a combination sport that is especially good for your entire body.

5. Rowing

If you want to focus on the upper body, then rowing is the best exercise. It helps to tone your muscles and remove excess fat from the upper body. Rowing is a sport that requires stamina and endurance, so you have to be persistent and perform in a relative amount of time.

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