Sea Turtle Season in West Palm Beach

Sea Turtle Season in West Palm Beach

It’s sea turtle season in Palm Beach –in case the dozens of sea turtles we saw on yesterday’s dive didn’t give it away. Palm Beach County’s beaches are some of the best in the USfor turtle watching as loggerhead, green and leatherback sea turtles can be found nesting during the spring and summer months.

From March to early September, hundreds of trained researchers and volunteers work around the clock to ensure the highest hatch percentage possible makes it to South Florida’s oceans. It’s not an easy task, as they must combat naturaland human forces that might otherwise interfere. Tides, raccoons, dogs and trash can destroy a nest before the hatchlings even get a chance to emerge from their shells. When they do, it’s a race to the water’s edge. Buildings along the Palm Beach coast are permitted to use only LPS or Turtle Safe red lights to encourage female nesting and that hatchlings head toward the ocean, not away.

There are a number of ways you can see Palm Beach County’s sea turtles. These aresome of our favorites.

Diving with Sea Turtles

The number one way to see the turtles is on their turf: in the water. Here you can watch them up close and personalas they glide gracefully. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been graced by the presence of sea turtles in hordes. On one dive, we were surrounded by three large loggerheads at once!We tried to get a picture, but when you have turtles on allsides of you it’s a little hard to get them allin one shot. I guess you just had to be there. Book a dive with us at 1-855-YOU-DIVE.

Seeing Turtles By Boat

If you want to see sea turtles on the water, but don’t want to get wet doing so, then check out one of the many boat charters offered in Palm Beach. From day cruises to sunset cruises, it’s not uncommon to get a glimpse of a couple turtles chillin’ on the surface for a breath of fresh air.

Turtle Walks

Get in contact with your local marine preservation council and find out when the next turtle walk is. During these walks you will learn about the turtles while keeping an eye out for any that are coming ashore to nest or for new hatchlings scampering toward the water.

Visit A Sea Turtle Rescue

There are sea turtle rehabilitation clinics all up and down the coast and a few in between. In North Palm Beach County, pay a visit to Loggerhead Marine life Center in Juno. For those on the south end, there’s the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton.

Check out our video where we were able to capture footage of more than eight sea turtles over the course of four dives.

For more information on Sea Turtles, Florida Fish and Wildlife has done a great job showcasing our Florida Sea Turtle