How to swim safety

In the summer, more people find to swimming as a weekly sport. It’s so cool to immerse the water in the hot weather. Besides it, swimming also brings a lot of benefits for health, mental and fitness.

However, you can be risky in swimming although you can be able to swim fluently or not. Therefore, to swim safety, you need to follow some tips in the article. We will instruct you some steps how to swim safety.

In the last article, we remind tips like looking before you jump or dive, understanding the signs as well taking care your skin before swimming. 

Now, we continue to share other tips.

4/ Swimming within your abilities 

Remember that you should only swim when you feel comfortable. So, it means you should only go to the depth in your ability. So that, you can handle and solve in the emergencies.

This tip is important when playing at beaches or rivers, you can’t know correct depth. It’s better you swim inside the marked areas to protect yourself. 

Also don’t forget to be aware of rough condition or temperature of water which also impacts to your abilities.

5/ Never swim alone, even in the swimming pool

It’s better you have at least one partner to swim together. Or make some friends when you go alone. So that, they can take care you sometimes in case you are in trouble without shouting to anyone.

It is included in the case of swimming pool. Although the lifeguards usually go around, they can’t find out your difficulties immediately. But some friends putting the pool with you, they are easy to realize your trouble to support or save you out of danger.

6/ Don’t use alcohol

Alcohol brings danger when you swim. Because its reaction slows down, you will be immersed in alcohol step by step. So, you can go to sleep in swimming. It can cause danger for you, especially swimming in a hot tub.

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How to swim safety

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sport in the summer. Almost people from all walk of life prefer to going to the swimming pool or beach to enjoy the cool water.

Although swimming brings a lot of benefits for health or physical exercise, it still happens risks. What is risk of swimming and how to do it safety. We should follow this article to make clear about tips before going to swimming pool.

1/ Look for the signs

At per place for swimming like the swimming pool, water parks, hot tubs, lakes, rivers or the sea, there are some signs to instruct people to follow these information safely.

You should read signs and rules carefully to understand warnings or dangers at this area. Then, you avoid it in safety. You should remember safety barrier guidelines.

For some beginners, they can’t know clearly about meanings of signs, so you should read reference firstly to get knowledge correctly.

2/ Take care your skin before going to swimming

In the swimming pool or beach, waters have to include much salt to be easy to be burned your skins and hairs. Therefore, you should use sun-cream to protect your body.

You also should drink more water before jumping to swimming pool. You know, swimming can consume so much energy, you should eat to have enough energy for this exercise.

3/ Look before you jump or dive

In case you swim at a lake, hot tubs, river or sea, you should look around whether any obstacles or not then you jump into water.

Underwater logs or big rocks in the water can cause serious injuries.

When enter the water, you use your feet first slowly. It is a way to check the area in the water. When you feel safe, you start to enjoy it comfortably.

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Top water sports you should try in the summer

Summer is a good time to relax and refresh your mental after pressure of studying or working. To enjoy a great summer, you should try to play some water sports. It also has many benefits for health. So, which sport is suitable for your vacation summer.

In the article, we share top water sports you can enjoy. Don’t hesitate to make a meaningful summer for yourself.

3/ Stand-up paddling

Someone love water and like to travel in water, this sport is useful to play. The most experience is to discover landscape as well go sightseeing. It is not like as traditional surfing or waving.

To join this sport, it’s simple when you only prepare one padding to move in the water and one a ship which depends on your power to choose a proper board.

The fact that, stand-up padding can reach benefits about relaxing and action.

4/ Jet Skiing

Anyone like amazing and thrilling emotion, this sport is a great experience in summer. In general, it is taken like skiing.

However, you feel super speed when moving in jet skiing. Although you are not a professional swimmer, you can be confident to enjoy this water sport. It doesn’t require complicated skills. Don’t forget to use a life jacket to protect yourself when are in the sea.

5/ Sea walking and scuba diving

If someone want to explore the marine life, sea walking and scuba diving is a good choice. But you need to know swimming and diving skills. It’s better that you join a diving course, then can be accepted to join this water sport.

During the process, you can be submerged and immersed by beautiful stunning coral reefs and lively animal in the sea. It is a good water sport you should try at least one time in your life.

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Top water sports you should try in the summer

The summer is coming soon, so people tend to go the beach for their summer vacation. If only swimming in the sea, it can waste the perfect time. Actually, there are many interesting water sports you can play at the sea. Warm up your body and refresh your mind by new experience for one new water sport. Maybe your vacation will become more exciting.

In this article, we recommend some great water sports to play at the sea or river. You should consider and try at least one time if you expect a memorial vacation.

1/ Kayaking

Kayaking has been known recently as a good recommendation for a team/ group. It is a good way to relax, practice core and muscle workout as well connect with other members in team. Let it imagine that only you and your friend go for a coastline adventure without internet or smart phone, you are easy to share and open with them naturally.

Don’t think that this sport is not good for health when you only sit in the board. You use both hand and leg to move board, so your core can be improved well.

Before kayaking, don’t forget to learn more knowledge as well safe tips to understand detail it.

2/ Stand-up paddle boarding

People usually call it as SUP simply. This water sport is spent for someone preferring adventure and new feeling.

To play SUP you need a SUP board. However, one high quality SUP board is extremely expensive, you can find some vendors for renting at somewhere near the sea.

Overcoming waves brings amazing emotion for players. The method is similar to surfing but configuration of board has some difference. Almost people can enjoy it naturally in the first time to learn.

If you want to reach more adventure, you can go further to fight with stronger waves. But need to be careful.

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Sun Yang was banned from playing for up to 8 years due to doping

The shocking news came to the Chinese swimming village after the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) issued an 8-year ban on swimmers for Sun Yang swimmers for not cooperating in the doping test in September 2018.

Sun Yang was banned from playing for up to 8 years due to doping. Olympic freestyle swimming champion, was unable to escape the doping penalty because Sun Yang himself rejected the doping test two years ago at a home test.

With the action of breaking the sample to escape the case, Sun Yang will face punishment but the FINA International Swimming Federation tries to protect Sun Yang.

Australian swimmer Mack Horton refused to step onto the podium with Sun at last year’s world title in Korea.

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently appealed that decision to CAS, the case was heard in November 2019. Sun Yang has been declared by the FINA International Swimming Federation against doping, agreeing that the trial did not provide a complete identity to accuse Sun Yang.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) sued the Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) to oppose the FINA verdict.

Sun Yang himself has been caught in accusations from Australian swimmer Mack Horton (who refused to step on the podium with Sun at last year’s world title in South Korea).

With these allegations the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) brought the matter to the CAS, demanding a two to the eight-year ban on Sun Yang for missing a test outside the competition.

Thus, with an 8-year sentence for athletes who have won 3 Olympic gold medals, it is considered that the playing career of Sun has ended.

This is a pity for China because they have high expectations for this fish before the Tokyo Olympics this year.

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Japanese swimming prodigy broke the world record of 200m swimming frog

Japanese swimming prodigy broke the world record of 200m swimming frog

Ippei Watanabe was the first athlete to open fire to the world swimming pool in 2017 when he had just set a world record of 200m breaststroke swimming in the 2017 Kosuke Kitajima Cup. It was held at Tatsumi International Swim Center.

Young Japanese talent finished 200m swimming frog with a time of 2 minutes 6 seconds 67, 34 seconds faster than the old record. This 19-year-old boy is the first athlete in the world to break the 2-minute and 07-second mark in the 200m breaststroke content. The old record (2 minutes 7 seconds 01) belongs to Akihiro.

Last year, Ippei Watanabe made a big splash and made the professional attention and watch after he set a young world record with a record of 2 minutes 09 seconds 75.

At the 2016 Olympics, Ippei Watanabe performed very well in the semi-finals, even he set an Olympic record with a record of 2 minutes 07 seconds 22. However, Ippei Watanabe played poorly and came in sixth with a time of 2 minutes. 07 seconds 87 in the final round.

Revealing the secret to establishing KLTG, Ippei Watanabe said that he has spent more time training to strengthen his lower body since Rio 2016. Norimasa Hirai, the Japanese swimming team coach confidently asserted: “It’s just It’s just a matter of time when he started to make the world record”.

Ippei Watanabe is known as an athlete with impressive long arm span, but that is not enough for him to succeed at the 2016 Olympics. Therefore, Ippei Watanabe focused on improving the technique as well as the strength of the legs after failing in Rio.

As a result, his body works more effectively when competing in this tournament. This is just the beginning, Ippei Watanabe still has a lot of room to set up new prototypes once perfecting the technique and strength of the lower body.

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Katie Ledecky set a world record right at the first time of playing professionally

Katie Ledecky has just set a world record of 1500m freestyle swimming at TYR Pro Swim Series in Indianapolis a few hours ago (the tournament took place from May 16-20). This was the first tournament Katie Ledecky attended as a professional player.

Katie Ledecky completed 1500m freestyle swimming with a record of 15: 20.48, 50 seconds ahead of the opponent … 50 seconds. A 21-year-old fisherman has surpassed the record set by herself at the 2015 World Championship in Kazan (Russia) exactly 5 seconds.

This is the first world record of Katie Ledecky, the fisherman has been nicknamed the “Monster” since the Rio 2016 Olympics. Before entering this tournament, Katie Ledecky only set the goal of “modest” to break the landmark time of 15 minutes 30 seconds but the Olympic champion has done more than that.

Nearly two months ago, Katie Ledecky announced she would follow a professional path. During the NCAA, Katie Ledecky set the US national record 11 times, NCAA record 15 times.

8 closest world records of 1500m freestyle content:

Katie Ledecky – 15: 20.48 (2018)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 25.48 (2015)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 27.71 (2015)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 28.36 (2014)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 31.82 (2017)

Katie Ledecky – 15:34.23 (2014)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 35.65 (2017)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 36.53 (2013)

Beginning in April this year, Katie Ledecky began to focus fully on preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. She will no longer be bound by NCAA regulations such as the number of hours required to be at the pool or when to train with the coach.

Thus, the record of Katie Ledecky in the 1500m freestyle event has been expanded, exceeding 18 seconds compared to Lotte Friis (Denmark), the second-best athlete in the world. Five years ago when he was only 16 years old, Katie Ledecky broke down the KLTG with a record of 15: 36.53 and since then, “unmatched” on the 1500m freestyle swimming track so far.

Top 3 athletes have the best 1500m freestyle swimming record in history:

Katie Ledecky (USA) – 15: 20.48 (2018)

Lotte Friis (DEN) – 15: 38.88 (2013)

Lauren Boyle (NZL) – 15: 40.14 (2015)

Currently, Katie Ledecky has not yet announced the sponsor.

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China is looking for the person who stabbed Sun Yang in the back

After Sun Yang was banned for eight years due to a doping scandal, Chinese public opinion was angry that the symbol of the national sport was “stabbed in the back”.

On Monday, based on an appeal from the World Doping Prevention Agency (WADA), the International Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) ruled an eight-year ban on Sun Yang for violating doping regulations. The 28-year-old fisherman was found guilty of smashing his blood vessel with a hammer when a doping inspection team went to inspect his home in Zhejiang in September 2018.

The above punishment means that Sun Yang will not be able to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games, the arena in which he won 3 gold medals. In addition, if the appeal is unsuccessful in the Swiss Federal Court, the career of the superjumbo 13 times world champion is considered to be over.

Sun Yang’s punishment attracted a huge amount of views on China’s Weibo social network. Most Chinese fans speak out for their idols. According to AFP, CAS’s ruling against Sun Yang became the focus of Weibo with at least 290 million views on February 28 and all called the punishment unjust. Most of the major media and the Chinese Swimming Federation also responded to the punishment for saying that doping inspectors were not eligible and complied with anti-doping regulations. Meanwhile, Sun Yang – who holds a 1,500m swimming record, angrily vowed to appeal to strip the truth when he asserted his innocence.

However, many of Sun Yang’s opponents have voiced support for the CAS ruling. South African contender Chad le Clos – who finished second behind Sun in the 200m freestyle event at the 2016 Olympics, said his Chinese rival had no place in the sport. “Like many other clean swimmers, I competed with Sun Yang and ‘lost’. Drug fraud has no place in sports and we need regulatory agencies to review the damage he has done to our great sport”, Chad le Clos said in a statement on February 28.

Mack Horton, who shocked him when he refused to shake hands and stood at the medal podium with Sun Yang last year, confirmed his bitter feud with Sun was not personal and wanted to ensure sports.

Horton once called Sun Yang a drug fraud at the 2016 Olympics and the world tournament in South Korea last year and received wide support in the swimming community. However, the actions of the Australian fisherman caused a backlash in China when his Instagram account was harassed, including death threats.

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Chinese superman Sun Yang: Legendary or rogue?

The World Swimming Championships in 2019 in Gwangju (South Korea) is said to be hurt by the estranged attitude towards Chinese fisherman Sun Yang not only because of the doping scandal, but also from many achievements rogue next to the blue race track of this athlete.

Chinese superman Sun Yang is no stranger to controversy over the years. In the latest, the athlete is considered one of the Chinese sports icons that has been the focus of anger from competitors for the notorious use of banned substances, the most recent of which is the hammer smashing of test doping samples.

In order to better understand the reason why Sun Yang is quite ugly in the swimming village of the world, AFP has listed the most unfortunate achievements in the career of the athlete who has won the Olympic gold medal three times and has so far owns 11 titles of the men’s free swimming world content championship.

In 2013, Sun Yang publicly criticized coach Zhu Zhigen just because he asked him to stop pursuing a flight attendant. Chinese swimming officials have tried to reconcile but failed. In the end, Sun Yang broke up with his 10-year teacher to guide and coach him.

In the same year, just a few months after parting with coach Zhu Zhigen, Sun Yang was locked up for 7 days by driving a borrowed Porsche he borrowed from an acquaintance without a license and causing an accident when he crashed into a bus in the area. Eastern Hangzhou. Sun Yang was fortunate to have only scratches and a few minor bruises, but this accident angered swimming officials in China. It also angered the public, causing Sun Yang to apologize and promise to revive and regulate his actions on the social network Weibo.

Then, during the 2014 Asian Games, Sun Yang again shocked the Japanese national anthem badly after the defeat against Kosuke Hagino in the men’s 200m freestyle. The infamous Chinese fisherman declares that he is “sick of hearing the Japanese national anthem” after being beaten by athletes from Japan. Later, Sun Yang again taunted Japan when helping China win gold in the 400m freestyle relay content, saying: “China is out tonight!”.

In 2014, Sun Yang was banned from playing for three months – the punishment he had secretly executed – after using a stimulant that the fisherman always said was a drug to treat heart disease. Chinese swimming officials rebuked Sun Yang and the local swimming association Zhe Jiang for making mistakes with the documents. Information Sun Yang was banned from playing causing mixed reactions, leading to prolonged conflicts at the 2016 Olympic Games.

At the 2016 Olympics, Australian athlete Mack Horton called Sun Yang a doping cheater before overcoming Chinese fisherman to win a gold medal in the 400m freestyle. Horton’s speech sparked a verbal battle at the event in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), leading the Chinese media to call the Australian fisherman a second-class citizen of the West”. Afterwards, Sun Yang burst into tears when she won the 200m gold medal, but French athlete Camille Lacourt caused another storm when sarcastically: “Sun Yang urinated with purple colored water”.

In addition to the “stains” on, Sun Yang is also considered an arrogant, aggressive and mean. In particular, both Horton and British fisherman Duncan Scott have “lost face” Sun Yang on the podium to award a medal for the World Championships in Gwangju this year to protest the decision of the World Swimming Federation (FINA) against with the act of breaking a vial containing a blood sample.

At this tournament, Sun Yang successfully defended the championship of the 200m and 400m swimming content. Many swimmers, including Adam Peaty and Lilly King, expressed their support for the positions of Horton and Scott, who made Sun Yang mad to shout at the British athlete in the face: “I win, you lose! ”.

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Chinese swimmers are boycotted in Australia

Many famous Australian fishermen have simultaneously called for not to practice with Chinese ones, because of the ambiguity in doping testing and condescending behavior.

Many famous Australian fishermen have simultaneously called for not to practice with Chinese ones, because of the ambiguity in doping testing and condescending behavior. Reportedly, the Chinese swimming team is currently training in Australia for the 2016 Olympic Games, but was immediately boycotted.

The incident just happened over the weekend, when fisherman Thomas Fraser-Holmes – champion at the Commonwealth Games – was practicing when he got out of the pool angrily, because of a group of Chinese athletes requires sharing the pool to practice.

Fraser-Holmes told The Daily Telegraph (Australia): “I have no intention of opposing or attacking one of them (Chinese swimmers). But the demanding way as if the pool is their cause very uncomfortable. Moreover, Chinese athletes often learn to sneak or track our strengths and weaknesses. So it’s best to just train with my teammates instead of the curious athletes”.

Meanwhile, another well-known Australian fisherman, Grant Hackett, also interviewed The Daily Telegraph, expressing doubts about the transparency of Chinese swimmers. He said that many Australian swimmers were bored with the Chinese athletes.

Hackett also said that he has witnessed over the past 18 months that Chinese athletes only test doping once, while Australian or other Australian athletes check it regularly every 4 weeks.

Because of this, China’s most famous abalone is Sun Yang – who was fiercely criticized for his ugly behavior at last year’s world swimming championships (stumbling upon the female swimmer. Brazil, Larissa Oliveira falls when using a pool to boot), was recommended by the Australian Swimming Federation to stop training in Australia for fear of leaving a bad image. Sun Yang’s coach, Denis Cotterell, also cut off contact with the ugly athlete. However, Sun Yang still tried to stay in Australia to train with coach Brian King, who used to be Cotterell’s assistant at the Miami swimming club.

There are about 100 Chinese swimmers practicing in Australia, including some famous athletes such as the fishwoman Ye Shiwen or Ning Zetao. However, with the current opposition, Chinese athletes may have to find new training places.

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