Health benefits when doing scuba diving (Part 2)

Here we continue to share health benefits when you scuba diving as a good habit.

This article can push your action to enjoy this water sport.

4, Maintains good fitness levels

Beforeyou are allowed to scuba diving, you should practice a training course whether you can be enough ability and fitness to cover any issues in the water or not. 

If you are lucky to overcome, it’s a good signal that you have an opportunity to discover the life of sea through scuba diving.

The fact, immersing under the water in a long time require enough strength and power to be against pressure of water as well other objects in the sea. So, the resistance of water helps you to maintain fitness levels naturally. To overcome challenge, you are compulsory to become stronger and more energy if you want to come back the real life safely.

5, Good environment to wake up body

As general, divers prefer to choosing warm climates to enjoy scuba diving. this is convenient environment to discover the sea. Furthermore, the warm climates usually cover much beautiful landscapes with biodiversity.

As proved, the warm water is useful to wake up and take care your body, mind and soul comfortably. All body parts should be practiced and do exercise. So, this is helpful for your health.

Not much suitable environment like the warm climate to relax and take a rest for all muscles and parts on body. As a good result, your mind is comfortable and peaceful.

6, Help to heal effects

The ingredient of salt water is useful to bring relaxing and healing for some diseases or injuries. Some doctors encourage patient to immerse in the sea water normally to cure it to be recovered faster.Furthermore, after finishing a scuba diving trip, you tend to drink water more to provide more so that you can replenish your cells. It’s good to take care body by consuming water

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Health benefits when doing scuba diving (Part 1)

Scuba diving is one of the most favorite water sports in the recent time, especially someone love adventurous trips. Once you do scuba diving, you have more opportunities to discover the life under water by your naked eyes. It’s interesting experiences.

Furthermore, scuba diving also brings a lot of benefits for health. In this article, we share top health benefits of this sport.

1, Improvement strength and flexibility

To move throughout the water, you need to dive and swim continuously. The resistance of current and water will improve your muscles stronger and durable.

Especially, your legs become to strengthen in swimming and diving process. It’s the main core to built up a strong bone system for the whole body. So, all activities. In everyday life are flexible and comfortable to enjoy.

Although this benefit is not clearly visual, you feel changes about bones and muscles after finishing scuba diving trip.

2, Improvement your breathing

Slow and deep breathing plays an important role to reduce risk of lung-expansion injury, heart rate, mucus, asthma as well increase calm and stability in the body.

Therefore, everyone should be encouraged to keep slow breathing in everyday. However, sometime we can’t control level of breathing.

Once scuba diving, it helps to maintain your breathing slowly and deeply by some natural ways. Because you need to keep maximum oxy rate in the water, it’s necessary to breath slowly. The resistance of current water also impacts on pace of breathing.

3, Impact on lowering pressure

The water temperature is lower than your body temperature, so when you immerse in the cold water, it’s good to take a rest for your blood vessel. 

Besides it, your slow and deep breathing also contributes to lower your blood pressure naturally. This benefit is useful for someone having pressure mater.

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How to place betting on water polo

As shared in the former article, betting on water polo is favorite in the summer when series of water polo events are launched and organized. 

If you tend to place on water polo, you should collect some useful tips to reach maximum benefits and results.

From the previousarticle, we remind about odds, bets and major events on water polo betting. Now, we move to the next step about strategies to place a wager effectively.

Once you are clear about all events you should place on water polo as well regulation about this game. You need to build up unique strategies to place a wager for each bet. What’s is it? 

Firstly, strategies should be flexible for each water polo tournament as well each betting site. Before placing on bets, you have to determine which betting site you will use on this time. You can compare some factors such as different odds, plus promotions or other offer about payment, refund to decide which site is better. You also don’t use one betting site for all betting times. It causes more risk as well not much promotions for old players. It’s better to balance risk and benefit for several bookmakers. All will ensure that you can place wagers with the best payouts. This strategy is necessary to decide your winning as well the amount you can get. Someone feels lazy to find new bookmakers. However, it is a limitation for one bettor. Flexibility should be done to create more interest and advantages.

Secondly, you also should do some research about profile as well injuries of both teams before they start completing each other. This tip is also a key to decide about betting. When you have more knowledge about players, you can guess the result more correctly.

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How to place betting on water polo

In this article, we continue to place betting on water polo.

If you like this water sport, you shouldn’t miss to place on bets. It brings a lot of benefits and funs.

From the former article, we refer detail to odds and bets in water polo. Now, we will discuss other rules in this betting game.

Secondly, top major events in water polo

There are two international water polo events you should offer for betting:

Summer Olympics

Olympics is well known as sport festival worldwide held every four years. This event collects top the strongest teams from all over the world.

Any team reaching the Olympic gold medal feel proud and happy when they bring up victory for their nation. 

It’s great when water polo is one of sports being interested and popular in the Summer Olympics. To take advantage of this event, great bookmakers also offer some wagers during the event. So that, people can find some betting sites for water polo easily.

Because this event is the biggest for water sport, bookmakers try to give their offers in large numbers so that they can maximum profit from the huge numbers of bettors.

It’s better that you should be careful to place on this hot event. Sometimes, bookmakers are ready to refuse small odds among many bettors and transactions.

FIFA Water Polo

This event is also famous internationally. 

It has just been founded since 2002, but it is highly appreciated as a professional league.

This event is organized to create more opportunities for players to practice and exchange each other before coming the highest event in Summer Olympics.

If any bettor prefers to find new potential teams for the Olympics game, you should follow this event. There are some new names for your betting options.

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How to place betting on water polo

Among water sports, water polo becomes a favorite game when it can be played with two competing team.

As well rule of some games related to ball like football, handball, the final target of water polo is to make goals by throwing it to overcome the goalkeeper then go to their opponent’s net correctly.

The difference of water polo is to be played in the water and used hands to throw ball and legs to move in underwater. These strict conditions make more interesting and wonderful for game. 

In recent time, water polo is also popular in betting. In this article, we instruct some rules and tips to place betting on water polo. Following it if you also are interested in water polo betting.

Firstly, talk about bets and odds in water polo

Match bets is also called as a straight up bet. In this type, bettor will place a wager on the outcome of match, including which team is winner, loser or draw scores in the finals. 

For example:

There are two teams: team A and team B for a water polo match. 

One bettor places team A with 2.5, team B with 10 and tie with 7. It means he will get 2.5$ when team A win, get 10$ when team B win and get 7$ in case two teams finish in draw.

The fact, this odd is rick because it is so far off between two teams. It’s better to place similar scores, so that your winning or losing is near with your wager.

Total score bet: this type is comparatively simple when bettors only make a wager for the number of points in total combination. It is over/under betting compared the figure of bookmakers. In general, this type is easy to follow and matches for amateur or new beginner.

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How to swim safety

In the summer, more people find to swimming as a weekly sport. It’s so cool to immerse the water in the hot weather. Besides it, swimming also brings a lot of benefits for health, mental and fitness.

However, you can be risky in swimming although you can be able to swim fluently or not. Therefore, to swim safety, you need to follow some tips in the article. We will instruct you some steps how to swim safety.

In the last article, we remind tips like looking before you jump or dive, understanding the signs as well taking care your skin before swimming. 

Now, we continue to share other tips.

4/ Swimming within your abilities 

Remember that you should only swim when you feel comfortable. So, it means you should only go to the depth in your ability. So that, you can handle and solve in the emergencies.

This tip is important when playing at beaches or rivers, you can’t know correct depth. It’s better you swim inside the marked areas to protect yourself. 

Also don’t forget to be aware of rough condition or temperature of water which also impacts to your abilities.

5/ Never swim alone, even in the swimming pool

It’s better you have at least one partner to swim together. Or make some friends when you go alone. So that, they can take care you sometimes in case you are in trouble without shouting to anyone.

It is included in the case of swimming pool. Although the lifeguards usually go around, they can’t find out your difficulties immediately. But some friends putting the pool with you, they are easy to realize your trouble to support or save you out of danger.

6/ Don’t use alcohol

Alcohol brings danger when you swim. Because its reaction slows down, you will be immersed in alcohol step by step. So, you can go to sleep in swimming. It can cause danger for you, especially swimming in a hot tub.

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How to swim safety

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sport in the summer. Almost people from all walk of life prefer to going to the swimming pool or beach to enjoy the cool water.

Although swimming brings a lot of benefits for health or physical exercise, it still happens risks. What is risk of swimming and how to do it safety. We should follow this article to make clear about tips before going to swimming pool.

1/ Look for the signs

At per place for swimming like the swimming pool, water parks, hot tubs, lakes, rivers or the sea, there are some signs to instruct people to follow these information safely.

You should read signs and rules carefully to understand warnings or dangers at this area. Then, you avoid it in safety. You should remember safety barrier guidelines.

For some beginners, they can’t know clearly about meanings of signs, so you should read reference firstly to get knowledge correctly.

2/ Take care your skin before going to swimming

In the swimming pool or beach, waters have to include much salt to be easy to be burned your skins and hairs. Therefore, you should use sun-cream to protect your body.

You also should drink more water before jumping to swimming pool. You know, swimming can consume so much energy, you should eat to have enough energy for this exercise.

3/ Look before you jump or dive

In case you swim at a lake, hot tubs, river or sea, you should look around whether any obstacles or not then you jump into water.

Underwater logs or big rocks in the water can cause serious injuries.

When enter the water, you use your feet first slowly. It is a way to check the area in the water. When you feel safe, you start to enjoy it comfortably.

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Top water sports you should try in the summer

Summer is a good time to relax and refresh your mental after pressure of studying or working. To enjoy a great summer, you should try to play some water sports. It also has many benefits for health. So, which sport is suitable for your vacation summer.

In the article, we share top water sports you can enjoy. Don’t hesitate to make a meaningful summer for yourself.

3/ Stand-up paddling

Someone love water and like to travel in water, this sport is useful to play. The most experience is to discover landscape as well go sightseeing. It is not like as traditional surfing or waving.

To join this sport, it’s simple when you only prepare one padding to move in the water and one a ship which depends on your power to choose a proper board.

The fact that, stand-up padding can reach benefits about relaxing and action.

4/ Jet Skiing

Anyone like amazing and thrilling emotion, this sport is a great experience in summer. In general, it is taken like skiing.

However, you feel super speed when moving in jet skiing. Although you are not a professional swimmer, you can be confident to enjoy this water sport. It doesn’t require complicated skills. Don’t forget to use a life jacket to protect yourself when are in the sea.

5/ Sea walking and scuba diving

If someone want to explore the marine life, sea walking and scuba diving is a good choice. But you need to know swimming and diving skills. It’s better that you join a diving course, then can be accepted to join this water sport.

During the process, you can be submerged and immersed by beautiful stunning coral reefs and lively animal in the sea. It is a good water sport you should try at least one time in your life.

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Top water sports you should try in the summer

The summer is coming soon, so people tend to go the beach for their summer vacation. If only swimming in the sea, it can waste the perfect time. Actually, there are many interesting water sports you can play at the sea. Warm up your body and refresh your mind by new experience for one new water sport. Maybe your vacation will become more exciting.

In this article, we recommend some great water sports to play at the sea or river. You should consider and try at least one time if you expect a memorial vacation.

1/ Kayaking

Kayaking has been known recently as a good recommendation for a team/ group. It is a good way to relax, practice core and muscle workout as well connect with other members in team. Let it imagine that only you and your friend go for a coastline adventure without internet or smart phone, you are easy to share and open with them naturally.

Don’t think that this sport is not good for health when you only sit in the board. You use both hand and leg to move board, so your core can be improved well.

Before kayaking, don’t forget to learn more knowledge as well safe tips to understand detail it.

2/ Stand-up paddle boarding

People usually call it as SUP simply. This water sport is spent for someone preferring adventure and new feeling.

To play SUP you need a SUP board. However, one high quality SUP board is extremely expensive, you can find some vendors for renting at somewhere near the sea.

Overcoming waves brings amazing emotion for players. The method is similar to surfing but configuration of board has some difference. Almost people can enjoy it naturally in the first time to learn.

If you want to reach more adventure, you can go further to fight with stronger waves. But need to be careful.

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Sun Yang was banned from playing for up to 8 years due to doping

The shocking news came to the Chinese swimming village after the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) issued an 8-year ban on swimmers for Sun Yang swimmers for not cooperating in the doping test in September 2018.

Sun Yang was banned from playing for up to 8 years due to doping. Olympic freestyle swimming champion, was unable to escape the doping penalty because Sun Yang himself rejected the doping test two years ago at a home test.

With the action of breaking the sample to escape the case, Sun Yang will face punishment but the FINA International Swimming Federation tries to protect Sun Yang.

Australian swimmer Mack Horton refused to step onto the podium with Sun at last year’s world title in Korea.

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently appealed that decision to CAS, the case was heard in November 2019. Sun Yang has been declared by the FINA International Swimming Federation against doping, agreeing that the trial did not provide a complete identity to accuse Sun Yang.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) sued the Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) to oppose the FINA verdict.

Sun Yang himself has been caught in accusations from Australian swimmer Mack Horton (who refused to step on the podium with Sun at last year’s world title in South Korea).

With these allegations the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) brought the matter to the CAS, demanding a two to the eight-year ban on Sun Yang for missing a test outside the competition.

Thus, with an 8-year sentence for athletes who have won 3 Olympic gold medals, it is considered that the playing career of Sun has ended.

This is a pity for China because they have high expectations for this fish before the Tokyo Olympics this year.

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