Advanced Open Water Course

This advanced open water course allows you to continue your dive education. It contains 5 open water adventure dives. There is a chapter in the manual for each specialty provided by PADI. We expect you to have the knowledge reviews completed prior to achieving a certification. There is no exam. 

PADI requires you to complete deep diver and underwater navigation adventure dives, but the remaining 3 are up to you depending on your diving interests.

Many Advanced Open Water Specialties to Choose

You can choose from wreck diver, deep diver, night diver, peak performance buoyancy, Nitrox diver, drift diver, multilevel diver, boat diver, underwater photography, and many more. We typically guide our students to do wreck diver, deep diver and peak performance buoyancy because they greatly enhance your diving abilities and skills. 

This Advanced Open Water Course allows you to get a taste of the various PADI specialties and helps you decide which specialty you might want to focus on. You can get certifications for each course. 

How we Differ from other PADI Certification Schools 

We are different from the competition because we do 5 dives from the boat. Most will try to do as many dives from the bridge as possible. Once you have completed your certification, you will be motivated to continue your dive education through multiple specialty courses.