Benefits of swimming effect on the development of the body

Swimming is a means to train the body to adapt to the changes in the external climate, thus preventing colds.

People also use swimming to cure a number of physical diseases such as hunchbacked, curved “C” forward and backward of children. In addition, the joint stiffness caused by broken bones, swimming is also an effective means of curing.

Swimming practice has a great effect on the development of the central nervous system, making the vestibular system well developed.

Swimming practice has a great influence on the development of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Those who practice swimming often have their heart contractions stronger than normal people, their heart rate increases, so their heartbeat rate at quietness is only 60 to 46 times/minute. Blood flow in a minute can increase from 4.5 liters at normal to 35-40 liters during exercise.

Swimming is also beneficial for developing the ability of the respiratory system to work, because when swimming the athlete breathes in the rhythm of the hand movements, each swimming cycle takes one exhalation and one inhale. Swimming can consume a lot of energy, so the demand for oxygen is huge. Therefore swimmers have to breathe deeply. On the other hand, the pressure of water into the chest, when exhaled, must be strong and positive. So the athlete’s respiratory muscles are very developed, their living capacity is very large (from 6-7 liters), while the living capacity of non-swimmers is 3.4 liters (of men) and 2.4 liters (for women). Young swimmers of our country after 2 years of swimming practice, the living capacity reaches 4.5 liters (for men) and 3.8 liters (for women).

Swimming practice also has the effect of comprehensive physical development such as strength, strength, endurance, flexibility, dexterity and ability to coordinate movement. Swimming itself is a sport that develops fully. Participating in swimming practice not only creates a habit of domestic activities but also to develop a balanced body.

Swimming is a sport of great practical significance in the production and combat life of our people. Due to the mobility requirements on the battlefield, due to the requirements of infrastructure construction, transportation network, the requirement of improving productivity, bringing science and technology into the field of agriculture, forestry, etc. Each of our people lives in a tropical country, surrounded by rivers and lakes, especially extremely harsh nature, every year, storms and floods often occur that require swimming.

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