Chinese superman Sun Yang: Legendary or rogue?

The World Swimming Championships in 2019 in Gwangju (South Korea) is said to be hurt by the estranged attitude towards Chinese fisherman Sun Yang not only because of the doping scandal, but also from many achievements rogue next to the blue race track of this athlete.

Chinese superman Sun Yang is no stranger to controversy over the years. In the latest, the athlete is considered one of the Chinese sports icons that has been the focus of anger from competitors for the notorious use of banned substances, the most recent of which is the hammer smashing of test doping samples.

In order to better understand the reason why Sun Yang is quite ugly in the swimming village of the world, AFP has listed the most unfortunate achievements in the career of the athlete who has won the Olympic gold medal three times and has so far owns 11 titles of the men’s free swimming world content championship.

In 2013, Sun Yang publicly criticized coach Zhu Zhigen just because he asked him to stop pursuing a flight attendant. Chinese swimming officials have tried to reconcile but failed. In the end, Sun Yang broke up with his 10-year teacher to guide and coach him.

In the same year, just a few months after parting with coach Zhu Zhigen, Sun Yang was locked up for 7 days by driving a borrowed Porsche he borrowed from an acquaintance without a license and causing an accident when he crashed into a bus in the area. Eastern Hangzhou. Sun Yang was fortunate to have only scratches and a few minor bruises, but this accident angered swimming officials in China. It also angered the public, causing Sun Yang to apologize and promise to revive and regulate his actions on the social network Weibo.

Then, during the 2014 Asian Games, Sun Yang again shocked the Japanese national anthem badly after the defeat against Kosuke Hagino in the men’s 200m freestyle. The infamous Chinese fisherman declares that he is “sick of hearing the Japanese national anthem” after being beaten by athletes from Japan. Later, Sun Yang again taunted Japan when helping China win gold in the 400m freestyle relay content, saying: “China is out tonight!”.

In 2014, Sun Yang was banned from playing for three months – the punishment he had secretly executed – after using a stimulant that the fisherman always said was a drug to treat heart disease. Chinese swimming officials rebuked Sun Yang and the local swimming association Zhe Jiang for making mistakes with the documents. Information Sun Yang was banned from playing causing mixed reactions, leading to prolonged conflicts at the 2016 Olympic Games.

At the 2016 Olympics, Australian athlete Mack Horton called Sun Yang a doping cheater before overcoming Chinese fisherman to win a gold medal in the 400m freestyle. Horton’s speech sparked a verbal battle at the event in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), leading the Chinese media to call the Australian fisherman a second-class citizen of the West”. Afterwards, Sun Yang burst into tears when she won the 200m gold medal, but French athlete Camille Lacourt caused another storm when sarcastically: “Sun Yang urinated with purple colored water”.

In addition to the “stains” on, Sun Yang is also considered an arrogant, aggressive and mean. In particular, both Horton and British fisherman Duncan Scott have “lost face” Sun Yang on the podium to award a medal for the World Championships in Gwangju this year to protest the decision of the World Swimming Federation (FINA) against with the act of breaking a vial containing a blood sample.

At this tournament, Sun Yang successfully defended the championship of the 200m and 400m swimming content. Many swimmers, including Adam Peaty and Lilly King, expressed their support for the positions of Horton and Scott, who made Sun Yang mad to shout at the British athlete in the face: “I win, you lose! ”.

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