Girls stripped of the swimming championship title

The female student was stripped of the swimming championship title because she exposed her buttocks too much. Not before celebrating the achievement of the champion of the school swimming, an American girl was stripped of the title.

Breckynn Willis, a female student at a school in Anchorage, Alaska, USA has just been stripped of the title for quite a confusing reason. She competed in swimming in 4 categories and won a championship. But according to the organizers, Willis’s suit used to compete, so her achievement was not accepted.

Specifically, a member of the Organizing Committee said that Willis used an unqualified swimwear, which led to revealing too many rounds while playing or she deliberately exposed. The examiner’s identity was not disclosed by the school sports council. Not stopping there, some referees also affirmed that the students attending the tournament tend to lift their swimsuits on purpose to reveal their butt.

Willis, after hearing the news of disqualification and banning games, was devastated mentally. But in addition to those who agree with the decision of the Organizing Committee, many people in the industry have stood up to protect her, including Diamond School swimming coach, Lauren Langford.

Langford said that it was unusual for the judges to follow along as well as pay attention to the details. Langford also added: “Remember that every student who participates in this tournament wears the same uniform, while the disqualified girl is the one who wears her 2 bloodlines and greater physical development than others”.

Speaking of coach Langford refers to the jury and the organizers deliberately eliminated Langford because of racism. Many participating students also defended Willis and affirmed that before the tournament started, the organizers did not issue any regulations on competition uniforms. After the incident reached the Association of Alaska Schools, they thought that Willis’s decision to take away the title was too heavy and unnecessary.

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