Great benefits from diving that you should know

Scuba diving is a bit of a fun and exciting sport. Not only enjoying a fun time, scuba diving also brings a lot of benefits to your health.

Diving is good for your heart because it can increase your heart rate and strengthen your heart muscle. This will help you prevent coronary heart disease, heart failure, high cholesterol and hypertension. Scuba diving can also help you improve better blood circulation.

Improve breathing

Scuba diving can help you maximize your oxygen uptake. It can enhance your breathing and is a very good breathing exercise. So, if you want a healthier respiratory system, then you should try scuba diving.

Increase power

Scuba diving can help you get in shape and tone your body. It also enhances endurance, flexibility, overall strength and can help you improve hand-eye coordination. Moreover, you will burn more calories when diving, if you want to lose weight.

Good for joints

Diving can be beneficial for people with joint pain, stiffness and obesity. It can help you improve the mobility of the joints.

Reduce stress

There are many factors that can make you stressful and harmful to your health. You will reduce stress and anxiety when diving. Scuba diving is considered a breathing exercise that has the same effect as meditation so it will help you relax and calm down.

More supple

When muscles and joints are stiff, you will have to both exercises and suffer injuries. So flexibility and flexibility are important for a healthy body. Performing various pushes and pulls in the water will naturally increase your range of motion, helping your body more supple. In general, underwater exercises help you improve flexibility, muscle strength and also reduce the percentage of body fat.

Improve heart health

Soaking your body in water lowers your heart rate by up to 17 beats per minute. The pressure of the water causes blood to circulate throughout the body. As a result, your heart will not have to work so hard when you exercise. Moreover, water exercise is also a way to increase cardiovascular endurance. The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine in 2010 pointed out that aerobic exercise for 10 weeks will help reduce high blood pressure. This is an appropriate way to control blood pressure for overweight and elderly people with joint or respiratory problems.

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