Health benefits when doing scuba diving (Part 1)

Scuba diving is one of the most favorite water sports in the recent time, especially someone love adventurous trips. Once you do scuba diving, you have more opportunities to discover the life under water by your naked eyes. It’s interesting experiences.

Furthermore, scuba diving also brings a lot of benefits for health. In this article, we share top health benefits of this sport.

1, Improvement strength and flexibility

To move throughout the water, you need to dive and swim continuously. The resistance of current and water will improve your muscles stronger and durable.

Especially, your legs become to strengthen in swimming and diving process. It’s the main core to built up a strong bone system for the whole body. So, all activities. In everyday life are flexible and comfortable to enjoy.

Although this benefit is not clearly visual, you feel changes about bones and muscles after finishing scuba diving trip.

2, Improvement your breathing

Slow and deep breathing plays an important role to reduce risk of lung-expansion injury, heart rate, mucus, asthma as well increase calm and stability in the body.

Therefore, everyone should be encouraged to keep slow breathing in everyday. However, sometime we can’t control level of breathing.

Once scuba diving, it helps to maintain your breathing slowly and deeply by some natural ways. Because you need to keep maximum oxy rate in the water, it’s necessary to breath slowly. The resistance of current water also impacts on pace of breathing.

3, Impact on lowering pressure

The water temperature is lower than your body temperature, so when you immerse in the cold water, it’s good to take a rest for your blood vessel. 

Besides it, your slow and deep breathing also contributes to lower your blood pressure naturally. This benefit is useful for someone having pressure mater.

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