History of swimming you need to know

Swimming is a movement within the water, usually without artificial help. Swimming is both a useful and entertaining activity. Swimming is often used when bathing, cooling, moving, fishing, recreation and exercising.

The most common purpose of swimming is to entertain. Recreational swimming is a great way to relax and practice your body as well. Many types of swimming are suitable for recreation. Most recreational swimmers prefer the swim style that keeps their head above water and restores their hands in the water.

Swimming appears from ancient times. Prehistoric drawings from southwestern Egypt demonstrate human swimming activities. Obviously, from ancient times, people must practice swimming because it is necessary for survival. Since then, swimming has come a long way.

England is the first country where swimming is recognized as a recreational sport and competition. In 1837, many competitions were held at artificial pools in London. The National Swimming Association in the UK holds many swimming competitions and they quickly became popular. The first indoor swimming pool in history was built in 1862 in England. Soon after, many pools were built and the UK Amateur Swimming Association was founded in 1880 with more than 300 member clubs.

Official sport at the Olympic Games

Swimming became the official sport at the Olympics in 1896 and was only for men. Athletes compete in the 100m and 1,500m freestyle events. Later, more content was added, including frog swimming, backstroke, butterfly swimming and individual mixes. Until 1912, swimming was only for women. There are 16 races organized for men and women, a total of 32, in each Summer Olympic Games. The Special Olympics also features 22 swimming categories for men and women, a total of 44 events.

Changes to the speed of swimming

Changes in backstroke and frog swimming took place between 1935 and 1945 and in the 1950s caused controversy at the Olympics. Also during this period, war shortages significantly reduced the amount of fabric used to make swimwear. Therefore, the first two-piece swimsuit was invented in 1943. The technique to win the Olympic gold medal changed at this time when athletes swam under the water longer to gain an advantage in speed. This technique is still in use today.

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