How to place betting on water polo

Among water sports, water polo becomes a favorite game when it can be played with two competing team.

As well rule of some games related to ball like football, handball, the final target of water polo is to make goals by throwing it to overcome the goalkeeper then go to their opponent’s net correctly.

The difference of water polo is to be played in the water and used hands to throw ball and legs to move in underwater. These strict conditions make more interesting and wonderful for game. 

In recent time, water polo is also popular in betting. In this article, we instruct some rules and tips to place betting on water polo. Following it if you also are interested in water polo betting.

Firstly, talk about bets and odds in water polo

Match bets is also called as a straight up bet. In this type, bettor will place a wager on the outcome of match, including which team is winner, loser or draw scores in the finals. 

For example:

There are two teams: team A and team B for a water polo match. 

One bettor places team A with 2.5, team B with 10 and tie with 7. It means he will get 2.5$ when team A win, get 10$ when team B win and get 7$ in case two teams finish in draw.

The fact, this odd is rick because it is so far off between two teams. It’s better to place similar scores, so that your winning or losing is near with your wager.

Total score bet: this type is comparatively simple when bettors only make a wager for the number of points in total combination. It is over/under betting compared the figure of bookmakers. In general, this type is easy to follow and matches for amateur or new beginner.

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