How to swim safety

In the summer, more people find to swimming as a weekly sport. It’s so cool to immerse the water in the hot weather. Besides it, swimming also brings a lot of benefits for health, mental and fitness.

However, you can be risky in swimming although you can be able to swim fluently or not. Therefore, to swim safety, you need to follow some tips in the article. We will instruct you some steps how to swim safety.

In the last article, we remind tips like looking before you jump or dive, understanding the signs as well taking care your skin before swimming. 

Now, we continue to share other tips.

4/ Swimming within your abilities 

Remember that you should only swim when you feel comfortable. So, it means you should only go to the depth in your ability. So that, you can handle and solve in the emergencies.

This tip is important when playing at beaches or rivers, you can’t know correct depth. It’s better you swim inside the marked areas to protect yourself. 

Also don’t forget to be aware of rough condition or temperature of water which also impacts to your abilities.

5/ Never swim alone, even in the swimming pool

It’s better you have at least one partner to swim together. Or make some friends when you go alone. So that, they can take care you sometimes in case you are in trouble without shouting to anyone.

It is included in the case of swimming pool. Although the lifeguards usually go around, they can’t find out your difficulties immediately. But some friends putting the pool with you, they are easy to realize your trouble to support or save you out of danger.

6/ Don’t use alcohol

Alcohol brings danger when you swim. Because its reaction slows down, you will be immersed in alcohol step by step. So, you can go to sleep in swimming. It can cause danger for you, especially swimming in a hot tub.

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