Japanese swimming prodigy broke the world record of 200m swimming frog

Japanese swimming prodigy broke the world record of 200m swimming frog

Ippei Watanabe was the first athlete to open fire to the world swimming pool in 2017 when he had just set a world record of 200m breaststroke swimming in the 2017 Kosuke Kitajima Cup. It was held at Tatsumi International Swim Center.

Young Japanese talent finished 200m swimming frog with a time of 2 minutes 6 seconds 67, 34 seconds faster than the old record. This 19-year-old boy is the first athlete in the world to break the 2-minute and 07-second mark in the 200m breaststroke content. The old record (2 minutes 7 seconds 01) belongs to Akihiro.

Last year, Ippei Watanabe made a big splash and made the professional attention and watch after he set a young world record with a record of 2 minutes 09 seconds 75.

At the 2016 Olympics, Ippei Watanabe performed very well in the semi-finals, even he set an Olympic record with a record of 2 minutes 07 seconds 22. However, Ippei Watanabe played poorly and came in sixth with a time of 2 minutes. 07 seconds 87 in the final round.

Revealing the secret to establishing KLTG, Ippei Watanabe said that he has spent more time training to strengthen his lower body since Rio 2016. Norimasa Hirai, the Japanese swimming team coach confidently asserted: “It’s just It’s just a matter of time when he started to make the world record”.

Ippei Watanabe is known as an athlete with impressive long arm span, but that is not enough for him to succeed at the 2016 Olympics. Therefore, Ippei Watanabe focused on improving the technique as well as the strength of the legs after failing in Rio.

As a result, his body works more effectively when competing in this tournament. This is just the beginning, Ippei Watanabe still has a lot of room to set up new prototypes once perfecting the technique and strength of the lower body.

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