Katie Ledecky set a world record right at the first time of playing professionally

Katie Ledecky has just set a world record of 1500m freestyle swimming at TYR Pro Swim Series in Indianapolis a few hours ago (the tournament took place from May 16-20). This was the first tournament Katie Ledecky attended as a professional player.

Katie Ledecky completed 1500m freestyle swimming with a record of 15: 20.48, 50 seconds ahead of the opponent … 50 seconds. A 21-year-old fisherman has surpassed the record set by herself at the 2015 World Championship in Kazan (Russia) exactly 5 seconds.

This is the first world record of Katie Ledecky, the fisherman has been nicknamed the “Monster” since the Rio 2016 Olympics. Before entering this tournament, Katie Ledecky only set the goal of “modest” to break the landmark time of 15 minutes 30 seconds but the Olympic champion has done more than that.

Nearly two months ago, Katie Ledecky announced she would follow a professional path. During the NCAA, Katie Ledecky set the US national record 11 times, NCAA record 15 times.

8 closest world records of 1500m freestyle content:

Katie Ledecky – 15: 20.48 (2018)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 25.48 (2015)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 27.71 (2015)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 28.36 (2014)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 31.82 (2017)

Katie Ledecky – 15:34.23 (2014)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 35.65 (2017)

Katie Ledecky – 15: 36.53 (2013)

Beginning in April this year, Katie Ledecky began to focus fully on preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. She will no longer be bound by NCAA regulations such as the number of hours required to be at the pool or when to train with the coach.

Thus, the record of Katie Ledecky in the 1500m freestyle event has been expanded, exceeding 18 seconds compared to Lotte Friis (Denmark), the second-best athlete in the world. Five years ago when he was only 16 years old, Katie Ledecky broke down the KLTG with a record of 15: 36.53 and since then, “unmatched” on the 1500m freestyle swimming track so far.

Top 3 athletes have the best 1500m freestyle swimming record in history:

Katie Ledecky (USA) – 15: 20.48 (2018)

Lotte Friis (DEN) – 15: 38.88 (2013)

Lauren Boyle (NZL) – 15: 40.14 (2015)

Currently, Katie Ledecky has not yet announced the sponsor.

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