Super fisherman Michael Phelps races with white sharks

The dramatic race between Michael Phelps and the white shark is arguably one of the most memorable scenes on the famous Discovery Channel “Shark Week”.

Despite being supported by advanced technology, the American fisherman Michael Phelps, who won the Olympic medal 28 times, still lost to the white shark with a two-second gap on the track at 100 meters in Cape Town.

The special technology supporting Michael Phelps is called Lunocet monofin, a millimeter-thick mechanical device used to simulate the movements of the white shark’s tail. Monofin helps create aircraft-like lift forces to propel Phelps’ body forward.

The programmers revealed that the two swimmers were different at the time, but the images were put together to increase the tension for the race.

To ensure the safety of the famous American fisherman, the program has arranged many divers around the track.

The reason, the owner of 23 Olympic gold medals is equipped with advanced equipment because the white shark can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h after short jumps. Meanwhile, Michael Phelps said, he can reach speeds of about 8-9 km/h if effort. With the help of technology, Phelps can speed up to 12.8 km/h but really white sharks can swim too fast.

Two days before the show, Phelps went into the water in an iron cage and surrounded by sharks. Despite the defeat, the American fisherman intends to rematch and that may be in freshwater.

After the match ended with the victory in favor of the aggressive white shark of the ocean, many viewers said that Michael Phelps’ opponent was essentially a model fish. This may be a product that discovery has invested in and through 3D technology to create a virtual race.

Many people do not believe that their idols can lose in the 100 m forte. Michael Phelps is considered to be a true mutant in swimming. He can swim at incredible speeds and that is why American fisherman holds 23 Olympic gold medals.

But perhaps standing in front of a giant opponent, trained with mature body characteristics in a water environment like the white shark, his failure was not too much of a surprise.

However, if there really is a rematch, then the battle between the mutant swimming village and “ocean killer” is still difficult to predict who will win.

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