The easiest swimming styles to learn for newbies

There are many types of swimming such as: butterfly, frog, dog, stray,… but there are many types of swimming that can help you have good health at all.

Here are the easiest swimming styles for newbies you can refer to to choose the appropriate swimming style when you first swim.

1. Fog Swimming

A swim that looks like a frog, when swimming, the swimmer’s hands and feet fan and push the water like a frog’s legs and arms are swimming. In frog swimming, the force of pedal water is greater than the force of pedal water and the speed of swimming will be determined by pedal technique. Want to swim frog well, you need to have a good coordination between hands and feet. Swimming frog is the most basic type of swimming, but slow swimming speed.

2. Stride Swimming

Also known as tummy swimming, the type of swimming requires the rhythmic coordination of the legs, arms and breathing the most. In stride swimming, the movements of two feet beating, two hands fanning the water and always reaching fast surfers to the water are performed continuously. The most important thing in swimming is to keep your body always floating on the water, when swimming your face should be straight with the bottom and the eyes perpendicular to the bottom of the tank.

3. Butterfly Swimming

A type of swimming on the chest, the movements of the hands are similar and symmetrical, combined with pedaling. In the sport of swimming, butterfly swimming is a type of swimming with a fluent combination of frog swimming and striding. Butterfly swimming is a difficult swim, requiring swimmers to have good technique and physical strength.

4. Backstroke

Backstroke swimming is almost like swimming, after practicing proficiency striding swimming you can practice backstroke. In backstroke swimming, hands are also rotating fan, foot is the reversal of stride legs, body tilted from side to side. Backstroke is considered to be the most difficult type of swimming and requires high accuracy in each movement in order to achieve success.

Swimming helps to increase height, the above article is about the easiest swimming styles for beginners, hope the article can help you. Good luck!

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