Top water sports you should try in the summer

The summer is coming soon, so people tend to go the beach for their summer vacation. If only swimming in the sea, it can waste the perfect time. Actually, there are many interesting water sports you can play at the sea. Warm up your body and refresh your mind by new experience for one new water sport. Maybe your vacation will become more exciting.

In this article, we recommend some great water sports to play at the sea or river. You should consider and try at least one time if you expect a memorial vacation.

1/ Kayaking

Kayaking has been known recently as a good recommendation for a team/ group. It is a good way to relax, practice core and muscle workout as well connect with other members in team. Let it imagine that only you and your friend go for a coastline adventure without internet or smart phone, you are easy to share and open with them naturally.

Don’t think that this sport is not good for health when you only sit in the board. You use both hand and leg to move board, so your core can be improved well.

Before kayaking, don’t forget to learn more knowledge as well safe tips to understand detail it.

2/ Stand-up paddle boarding

People usually call it as SUP simply. This water sport is spent for someone preferring adventure and new feeling.

To play SUP you need a SUP board. However, one high quality SUP board is extremely expensive, you can find some vendors for renting at somewhere near the sea.

Overcoming waves brings amazing emotion for players. The method is similar to surfing but configuration of board has some difference. Almost people can enjoy it naturally in the first time to learn.

If you want to reach more adventure, you can go further to fight with stronger waves. But need to be careful.

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